We, HANEDAN, are providing administrative and technical supervision, engineering, consultancy, and “ Project Management Services” to all local and  foreign investors that are active in energy industry.

Administrative, legal and technical “Project Management Services” are provided fast, active and trusted by our company during implementation of your projects.

30 technical personnel, formed with 10 expert engineers, is employed in our company that completed and is still executing the directing, managing, construction, commissioning and operation phases of several important energy projects.

We, HANEDAN, are presenting engineering solutions needed during planning, design, construction, commissioning and operation of energy projects.

What lies beneath under our engineering solutions being fast, active and trusted is our experience on industry. We are considering our expert technical personnel, our interests in technical developments and our investments in technology as advantage.

We, HANEDAN, are reducing risks to minimum level with our technical infrastructure, knowledge and experience gained from projects realized on several regions of Turkey.

Our company handles regional risks, problems that could arise during administrative and legal phases of projects with social responsibility conscious and environmental sensitivity. We are offering results in order to prevent investors from surprises that can arise from site studies, office studies and regulatory affairs.