Bureaucratic and Legal Relations

  • Monitoring, coordination and procurement processes of bureaucratic relations with DSİ, EİE, EPDK(EMRA), MGM and other related ministries and governmental offices,

  • Monitoring and coordination of necessary permissions related to construction and facilities, public benefit and expropriation decision, EIA report, SIA report before starting construction.

Tender and Procurement Management

  • Preparation of administrative and technical specifications,

  • Selection of suitable contractor and suppliers,

  • Preparation of the contracts.

Engineering Consultancy

  • Studying of hydrological, geological, mapping, before starting construction,

  • Examination of final and application design

  • Evaluation of construction methodology and applications in terms of time and cost management.


Design Phase

  • Providing solutions immediately to the determined mistakes in designs before construction

  • Coordination between designers and contractor and preventing from possible delays

  • Value engineering;Making suggestions for cost reduction.

Construction Phase

  • Inspection of construction works on construction site as owners engineer,

  • Inspection of construction regarding contract,

  • Supervision of selection and installation of electro mechanic equipment. After Construction Phase

After Construction Phase

  • Provisional and final acceptance

  • Support in providing operation and maintenance manuals and certificates of guarantee,

  • Inspection of final accounts and as built drawings.