Kaletepe Dam and HEPP

Our company studied on pre-construction stage project management for Kaletepe Dam and HEPP. The works and services performed in this context;

  • Final design studies (accompanied with company named TEMELSU)

  • Preparation of specifications and draft contracts for electromechanical, hydromechanical,tunnel and construction works

  • Preparation of license application folder  and procurement  of production license

  • Drillings for dam and tunnel route, geological and geotechnical report preparation

  • In DKMP (Nature Protection and National Parks) process; preparation of Ecological Impact Assessment Report to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization from three different university in order to take the decision for public interest.

  • Preparation of EIA report and consultancy process

  • Monitoring, coordination and procurement processes of bureaucratic relations

  • Project optimization and feasibility studies

  • Process management of Security Protocol

  • Providing the public benefit and expropriation decision