HANEDAN, gives full weight to health and safety within context of project management. Construction works is one of the most dangerous works identified by Ministry of Labour and Social Security in terms of health and safety. Our company takes into account the negative effects of work accidents that may occur and establishes health and safety management systematic before construction on project based studies.

HANEDAN applies health and safety training plans, documentations, danger and risk analysis, prepared regarding OHSAS 18001 standards and health and safety regulations during the formation of health and safety management system formation on his studies.


HANEDAN is committed to protection of ecological and biological balance of projects’ region while managing energy investments under project management activities.

Impacts of project to region and precautions to be taken are determined with “Environmental Impact Assessment” during feasibility. We accept to carry out activities in accordance with law, rules, regulations and standards about environment protection, mainly air, water, oil pollution control, solid and hazardous waste control issues, as our corporate policy. …In addition, we study on ecological impact assessment and ecosystem assessment in order to protect the natural balance and minimize the harmful effects. We assume as a mission  analyzing issues in-depth and finding solutuions with expert people and companies on our studies. We organize information meetings and trainings in order to inform our employees and public living in project areas.

HANEDAN, succeeded on establishing balance between stability on quick implementation of  energy sources required in present conditions and sensitivity shown in order to bequeath a livable world for next generations.




HANEDAN gives priority to social issues during execution of energy investments project management activities. Socio-economic developments on region of investment and livelihoods of local people are examined in detail. Increasing of employment by providing people of region to be active during project construction is one of the corporate policy. People on region that we undertake project management are provided to own the project.

Another issue that we accept as our social responsibility is our studies for the protection of cultural heritage on project region. Meticulous studies for determination and protection of cultural and historic assets with related official institutions and organizations are done on project site during our preparations before construction. Thus destruction of historical and cultural heritage is prevented.